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gti2006's Journal

2006 GTI Scholars
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This is the group journal for scholars of the 2006 Global Technology Initiative. We are twenty-six students at San Jose State University--twenty-one from the College of Engineering, three from the College of Business, one from the College of Social Sciences, and one from the College of Arts and Humanities. The San Jose State University College of University is sending us on a two-week trip to Taiwan and China, where we will visit companies, universities and cultural centers in order to better prepare us to be business leaders and technological innovators, citizen ambassadors and global citizens.

We will be writing about our impressions of China, its businesses, universities, culture and people, as well as about the insights we gain about the three themes of the 2006 GTI program: 1. Global Economy 2. Sustained Development 3. Social Responsibilities of Global Businesses and Citizens.