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2006 GTI Scholars
Taiwan Pictures 
20th-Jun-2006 06:10 pm
The first few of many pictures! These were taken on our first day in Taiwan. We got off the plane and immediately went to work. No time for jetlag! That day we visited the nuclear power plant. But first, we had breakfast.

This was the view from the little restaurant where we ate vegetable dumplings, fried dough (mmm! dough!) and hot soymilk for breakfast. It's surprisingly free of scooters. People rode them everywhere in Taiwan, even in the rain, even on the sidewalks. They wore huge plastic ponchos to keep dry.


This was the gate to a local temple in a small fishing town. It was not a Buddhist temple, but one for a local, folk god.

Here is a man offering incense at the huge cauldron at the temple's entrance.

After the temple, we went to the local market. We didn't buy anything and stayed clear of the live chickens, but I did take a picture of the sidewalk.

These windmills near the nuclear power plant generate power. Kudos to Taiwan for exploring renewable sources of energy--these produce very little, but they plan on making more.

The footbridge over Freshwater Harbor, where the river meets the ocean. It was raining, and the bridge was paved with tile, very slippery. I'm surprised I didn't fall.

An old, rusty fishing boat in the harbor.

My first dinner in Taiwan. Cold noodles with red peppers, cabbage, noodle and mushroom soup, and vegetable dumplings.
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